Volunteer Opportunities

HHHS Board & Committees


We have several standing committees that operate on a regular, year-round basis.  Most committees are comprised of a mix of staff and volunteers from the community, who meet on a regular basis to give consideration to matters pertaining to our organization, plan upcoming initiatives, and provide recommendations and direction that are consistent with our mission and goals.


The Board of Directors for the Haliburton Highlands Health Services consists of volunteers who meet regularly throughout the year.  Directors of the Board stand for election each year and usually fill a three-year term of office. As well as attending board meetings, Directors are expected to participate on Board Committees, including Finance Committee, Quality Committee, Medical Advisory Committee, Nominating Committee, Community Advisory Committee and ad hoc committees, as required.  Watch the local papers in the spring for announcements about the Annual General Meeting and information about standing for election for the Board of Directors.  Or for further information regarding the Board of Directors you may contact the CEO or the Board Chair.  Contact HHHS Administration at 705-457-2527.


Long-Term Care

In our Long-Term Care homes there are many opportunities in both Haliburton at Highland Wood and in Minden at Hyland Crest to share some of your time and talents to enhance the lives of those in Long-Term Care.  Opportunities include helping with the organization of activities and encouraging residents to attend; providing entertainment; visiting with residents one on one; helping at meal/snack time; sharing your passion and interests with the residents; and helping take able residents to off-site activities. 

There is also a committee consisting of family, and friends of residents at each home, called Family Council, who meet regularly to provide support, share experiences and seek solutions in order to advocate on behalf of the residents.

What's involved in being a LTC  volunteer?   Long-Term Care Volunteer Brochure 


Minden Health Care Auxiliary and Haliburton Hospital Auxiliary

Both auxiliaries are very active in the communities and greatly support the hospitals and Long-Term Care homes.  Your assistance would be valuable for:

·  Gift Shops

·  Fundraising and Special Events

·  Long-Term Care Visiting and Activities

·  Executive and Board Committees

“I volunteer with HHHS because the hospitals and nursing homes are such an important part of our community, and they have certainly helped me and my family in time of need.  Also, volunteering for HHHS has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people - other volunteers, HHHS staff, and the residents at Hyland Crest.”  Mickey Bonham, Minden Health Care Auxiliary


HHHS Foundation

The Haliburton Highlands Health Services Foundation is an incorporated registered Canadian charity that raises funds for the hospitals, long term care facilities and health care facilities in the Haliburton Highlands.   They have funded priority medical equipment, capital building projects, furnishings and land acquisitions to ensure good health care now and in the future.  The Foundation is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors (separate from the HHHS Corporation Board) and greatly appreciate volunteer assistance for their many fundraising events.  Volunteers are required for

·  Events Committees

·  Special Event Volunteer

·  Office and Administration 

·  HHHS Foundation Board of Directors


Special Events

What's involved in being a Special Events volunteer?  Fundraising & Special Events Volunteer Brochure


Hospital Visiting Volunteers

Opportunities exist within the HHHS Acute Care department, where volunteers interact with patients who have different illnesses and varying levels of cognition and physical abilities.  The volunteers assist and connect with patients, encouraging them in activities and conversations.

What's involved in being a Hospital Visiting volunteer?   Hospital Visiting Volunteer Brochure


Diners Club

Diners Club takes place at lunch time once or twice a month, and volunteers help with calling people to confirm attendance and acting as a host for the luncheon.

What's involved in being a Diners Club volunteer?   Diners Club Volunteer Brochure

"I never thought I could volunteer, but here I am coordinating the Diners Club in Minden.  What a need there is for seniors to socialize and to be able to talk to people other than family members and celebrate special events in their lives.  We have a wonderful time in our little Diners Club family.  I love my volunteer job and even though I had many adversities in my life, I found out I was still capable of volunteering my time, making people’s lives a little bit better… so come out and volunteer, you always have something to give, so give it." MB, Diners Club volunteer


Transportation Service

Volunteer drivers assist with using their own vehicle taking people in the county to medical appointments, short or long distance drives are available, and remuneration is provided at $0.40/km to cover the cost of your out of pocket expenses. 

 What's involved in being a Transportation Driver?   Transportation Volunteer Brochure

“Volunteering with HHHS is very rewarding to me mainly because of the people I meet. Most of our clients do not know how they would get around to appointments without our help.  I love driving and HHHS is a great organization.”  DS, Volunteer Driver

“I have chosen to Volunteer for HHHS as I am aware the privileges that I enjoy, are not the normal for the majority of people living in the Highlands.  Previously I was a driver for the Cancer society, and since moving here full time and getting to know our town and talking to people, the need for my free time and willingness to help left me no choice but to offer my services as a volunteer driver for HHHS.  The clients, without exception, are always appreciative of the service we provide. I remember one gentleman who had a stroke some forty years ago, still had the ability to laugh and had a very positive affect on me.  The support staff and the volunteers that I have met all have one goal, TO Help.”  JG, Volunteer Driver


Meals on Wheels Delivery Drivers and Runners

Meals on Wheels have volunteer opportunities for individuals to help deliver meals throughout the county to seniors and people with disabilities.  The meals are delivered using HHHS Van, and each run requires a driver and runner.

What's involved in being a Meals on Wheels volunteer?   Meals on Wheels Volunteer Brochure 

“I chose to volunteer as I was new to the area and thought it would be a good way to get to know people and the area but most of all hopefully help someone and even for a few moments brighten their day by knowing someone cares. I have been involved with the Meals on Wheels program for a year, and after my first run it truly humbled me.  I felt guilty about over shopping and throwing out food, I still buy too much at times but I now find different ways to use up the extras.  I think the clients like to have someone knock on their door with a friendly good morning, how are you? Can I help you put the food away?  Some say yes and I usually have a chat with them while doing so.  Even though it is a short visit I hope it is a welcome break for them.  It also is a way to check on their wellbeing.”  LM, MOW Volunteer


Security Checks & Friendly Visiting

Volunteers are needed throughout the county, and at Hyland Crest in Minden and Highland Wood in Haliburton, to provide security checks and friendly visits, over the telephone and in person.

What's involved in being a security check volunteer?      Security Check Volunteer Brochure

What's involved in being a Friendly Visiting volunteer?    Friendly Visiting Volunteer Brochure

"I have found it really satisfying to be a friendly visitor to a senior. I recommend this, it isn't always easy but it is rewarding especially when your client greets you with "what did I do to deserve you" that make it worthwhile. Seniors also have interesting stories to share and it can be an enriching experience.”       AR, Friendly Visiting Volunteer

"I have been involved in security checks for more than two years and I love it, I call at least one person as assigned each day at a time convenient for the person(s) being called and have a wee visit. In all the years I have been calling I have only met my recipient once and that is when I called and was advised he was in the hospital. I went to the hospital and what a greeting I got when I introduced myself in person, he was so thrilled. We are now going to arrange to get together in the nice summer weather to have a coffee now and again.  This has been very rewarding for me as I have made a real friend and we enjoy a short but important visit each and every day, except weekends and holidays.  It is as good for me or better than it is for the person I am calling.  I have another good reason to get up every morning."      DS, Security Check Volunteer


Social Recreation

Volunteer facilitators and convenors are needed for the social recreation drop in program!  The program runs once or twice a month for 3 to 5 hours.  Volunteers are needed to help coordinate activities and events, and be a friendly person to host/greet participants and activity leaders.  The Social Recreation programs run in Wilberforce, Minden and Haliburton.

What's involved in being a Social Recreation volunteer?      Social Recreation Volunteer Brochure

"Volunteering for the Social Recreation Program is a great kick start to the day for me and my seniors. The laughter we share playing sets the mood for the balance of the day for all of us. My satisfaction comes in seeing their skills improve every week and the smiles on their faces. Definitely a "Win Win" situation”  MH, HHHS Volunteer


Hospice and Palliative Care

As a Hospice volunteer in the community or Hospital/LTC, the most important gift you bring is the gift of yourself, being there with the client to:

·  Listen to concerns, fears, feelings

·  Talk about the illness and about feelings of loss

·  Provide respite to caregivers

·  Provide practical support (letter writing, accompanying to medical appointments, etc.)

What's involved in being a Hospice/Palliative Care Volunteer?   Hospice Volunteer Brochure

"I feel that I am privileged to have the opportunity to share with my clients; they have taught me so much!”       Hospice Volunteer




Adult Day Program

Adult Day Program volunteers help us provide a structured, therapeutic and individualized day program for adults who are living at home - either alone or with family caregivers.  Supervised activities assist participants in achieving and maintaining their maximum level of functioning, to prevent premature and inappropriate institutionalization and to provide respite and support for caregivers.   

What's involved in being an Adult Day Program Volunteer?  Adult Day Program Volunteer Brochure

Brokered Workers

Home Help Brokered Worker

Home Help Brokered Workers perform light housekeeping duties including vacuuming, dusting, laundry, etc. in the client’s home, and are compensated at a rate of $20.00 per hour.

What's involved in being a Home Help brokered worker?  Home Help Volunteer Brochure  

"I love it and the clients love my company, they just want a friendly face and visiting is what they need. Someone to come in they can rely on to do the job, someone they trust and care for.  I always get a hug and a big “thank you for what you do for us.”  They make you feel great even when you are having a bad day.  I thank God every day for doing what I do for others and for my health to do the job. I really enjoy working with the elderly. They make my day and hopefully I make theirs. Thank you."      KD, Home Help Brokered Worker


Home Maintenance Brokered Worker

Home Maintenance Brokered Workers perform grass cutting, raking, wood piling, snow removal, or other small projects at the client’s home, and are compensated at a rate of $20.00 per hour.

What's involved in being a Home Maintenance brokered worker? Home Maintenance Volunteer Brochure

"Being a Home Maintenance Brokered Worker has introduced me to many people who have shared their life stories and history of the County that I could not have learned anywhere else in such a personal way."       WR, Home Maintenance Brokered Worker