HHHS Volunteer Services

Volunteering for the Haliburton Highlands Health Services (HHHS) is a fun and rewarding experience.  We have over 350 dedicated volunteers who generously contribute their time, talents and skills to deliver programs, participate in activities, and provide services and funding to our patients, residents and clients in Haliburton County. We greatly appreciate each and every one of our volunteers.

Volunteers are essential partners and play an important role in all levels of the organization.  We try to ensure that volunteers experience fulfilling volunteer work with all the challenges and experiences they are seeking.

There are numerous opportunities at HHHS to share your passion, your skills and your kind hearts. Let us help you find your perfect Volunteer Opportunities.  How to Get Involved Brochure

Our volunteers have found that contributing their time to HHHS has:

·  Taught them new skills;

·  Given them great satisfaction by knowing they are helping people and building a stronger health care system for the Haliburton Highlands; and

·  Let them meet new and interesting people in the community.

Being a Volunteer, notice I capitalized "V", is such a huge blessing to me. I feel that I should be thanking you instead of you thanking me. I reap so much more than I give. Volunteering keeps me involved in the community, I feel I am contributing, and of course I meet some wonderful people. When I first moved up to the north land 4 years ago I needed to connect with my surroundings and those who lived there....so volunteering was the very thing.  It not only allowed me to meet people in the community, learn about the community but also learn about the lay of the land & the roads."  AG, HHHS Volunteer 

Joining a Community of Volunteers

“As volunteers, we love what we do for our clients, patients and residents but we also enjoy being part of the HHHS Volunteer Community.”  M & B,  HHHS Volunteers

  • ·  Receive volunteer newsletters, emails, cards;
  • ·  Take part in ongoing workshops and other opportunities to learn;
  • ·  Enjoy appreciation gatherings and events;
  • ·  Be recognized for your efforts; and
  • ·  Be part of the HHHS team.                                                                                     


Volunteer Appreciation Events


Volunteers being honoured at Ontario Volunteer Service Awards Event


Volunteer Opportunities   Get Involved Brochure

  • We have a variety of existing volunteering opportunities and invite you to explore the possibilities. Click here to see our volunteering opportunties
  • If you have an innovative idea, a passion to share, or a creative way to enhance programming please share these ideas with us.
  • When you volunteer with HHHS you choose how much you can help and we will work with you to create a mutually beneficial arrangement.

"The staff at HHHS are very flexible and supportive of individual volunteer's holiday and work schedules. I'm sure this means more work for them but you always feel that whatever hours you can contribute are appreciated."   B, HHHS Volunteer