Volunteer Training

After the screening process is complete, potential volunteers receive an invitation to an Initial Orientation & Training Session.

"As a new volunteer I am very impressed with the quality of training that is provided during the orientation process.  I am also surprised by the effort that is put into showing appreciation for volunteers."   MD, HHHS Volunteer

Skills enhancement sessions and ongoing support will make your volunteer experience more fulfilling.

Some of our ongoing sessions include:

·  First Aid/CPR Training

·  Listening Skills

·  Driving Skills

·  Helping People with Wheelchairs and Assistive Devices

·  Non Judgemental Interaction & Confidentiality

·  Working with Visually Impaired Individuals

·  Good Grief 

·  Elder Abuse: How to Recognize, Respond & Report

·  Mental Health Awareness, Stress Management

·  Working with People with Dementia

·  Various Life Enhancing Workshops

"I feel the seminars you offer to us are wonderful. There is always room to keep learning."  KA, HHHS Volunteer

"Volunteering is a great way of life! You get to help others in ways that just giving money cannot match. You can learn a lot about your community, history, family histories, and some of the pros and cons of living in small town Canada.  It also feels good to know you gave a person a hand up at a time when they were in need.  Remember volunteering is not like work, you do things you enjoy for people who really appreciate it."   DG, HHHS Volunteer