“Volunteering at HHHS is a win/win!  As a volunteer you gain insight into who lives in your community other than just your circle of friends and family. You also gain knowledge of how important such an organization can be to your community.  Volunteering allows you to meet people you would not have otherwise known. Often you will keep these people in your thoughts forever.  Volunteering provides a personal sense of purpose and fulfilment especially when a Client/Patient/Resident is so appreciative of the information or service you have provided.  Sometimes volunteering includes assisting the Staff members of HHHS in-house and that can be fun, informative and also provide a sense of contribution to the cause. Volunteering at HHHS is a two-way street!”  SN, HHHS Volunteer

How to Make it Happen

If you would like to become a volunteer please call the Coordinator of Volunteer Services at 705 457 1392 ext 2927 or fill out the online volunteer sign-up form and we will connect with you.

Together we can continue to make the Haliburton Highlands a great place to live and retire.  

"It’s not what you take from life that is important, it’s what you give to life that matters, and there is nothing more important or valuable than your time. Using that time to benefit others is rewarding, beneficial to others, and the end result is a win-win proposition for all concerned, creating a kinder, healthier society that benefits everyone. Tomorrow is another day, and it may be the day I will need someone to help me get through the day.  So by helping others now, we are helping to pave the way for our own future. HAPPY VOLUNTEERING, and thank you for being there for those in need!"   FT, HHHS Volunteer

What's Involved:


All volunteers are carefully screened to determine their effective placement and to ensure the safety of our clientele.

·  Interview with the Volunteer Services Coordinator

·  Police Reference Check (including Vulnerable Sector Screening if required)

·  2 References

·  Driver’s Abstract & Driver Evaluation (if driving)

·  Health Review and TB testing if volunteering in Hospital or LTC setting

"All newcomers who wish to volunteer must be screened before being accepted. This process, although somewhat involved, is for the benefit of the clients/patients/residents whose interests and well-being always come first.  As volunteers, we are more than willing to undertake this bit of inconvenience if it gives the clients/patients/residents and their families some piece of mind knowing that the stranger volunteering with their loved one is a competent and trustworthy individual."  R&D M, HHHS Volunteers