Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance is a Community Support Service that arranges for a Brokered Worker to undertake a home maintenance or repair job. The service may be provided regularly, occasionally, or one time only.  Examples of regular jobs include heavy house cleaning, yard maintenance, snow shovelling, and cleaning outside windows.  Brokered workers do not perform any work that requires skills associated with licensed trades (i.e. electrical, plumbing, appliance or furnace repair, etc.)

The Home Maintenance Brokered Worker fee is $20.00 per hour.  In situations where the Brokered Worker supplies and uses gas powered equipment, the worker will present a firm job price to the client, and the client will accept or reject the offer prior to work being performed.


               Please call us to initiate this service at 705 457 2941.   

                  pdf Home Help / Home Maintenance Brochure (236 KB)